The persons I accompanied professionally spontaneously offered their testimonials.


“I was very sceptical in the beginning, so it came as a total surprise to realise that the answers corresponded exactly to the state of my current situation. Suddenly I became aware of several essential points in my way of moving forward; topics on which we were then able to work during a process of later coaching.”

M.R. Advisor to companies

Employability, Change check©

“This tool, in a fast and simple approach, reveals a full, neutral and objective vision of one’s employability. The answers thus obtained establish a new awareness which can be very much in line with what you knew already but have always refused to admit to yourself.”

P.B. Director NATIXIS

Employability, Change check©

“When this coaching was offered to me in my redundancy package, I grabbed  the opportunity without knowing what it was exactly. I neither had gone through a job interview, nor updated my documents for the last twenty-four years. I had no choice but to adapt myself to today’s world.

During my sessions of individual coaching and workshops, I learned a lot about the utility of networking, the effective preparation of my CV and a successful interview.

Isabelle has been of great support to me in order to recover from and fully accept my redundancy and prepare my next career step. Thanks to her help, I found a new job which I am soon going to start and I feel extremely grateful. Her accompaniment did not finish at the end of the coaching sessions and workshops. She regularly inquired about my progress and offered further advice. This is much appreciated. “

M.D., benefits administrator


“Isabelle, by her professionalism and her skills, has been the advice and the external point of view, direct and objective, which are sometimes lacking when we have a personal and professional project which lies dormant in us but that we do not dare to realise because of  everyday life and of the financial safety of a “classic” employment. Her wise advice helped me to take the step I was reluctant to take and allowed me to throw myself into this new adventure  allowing me to reach my full potential. My confidence having come back, I can now strongly  embrace my new professional project. Her professionalism makes that today still, Isabelle follows my route and does not hesitate to give me her invaluable advice. Thank you Isabelle.”

J-F.T. Head of International Marketing


“ Isabelle has been a very precious support in my job search. Very effective at listening, she found out within a few sessions how to help me to clearly define my professional objective, identify my values and to set up a realistic action plan which proved itself very effective. She knows how to choose among her pallet of coaching tools those who are more relevant. I continue to call on her periodically to debrief on my current professional life and stand back. “

A-S.B. HR Project manager


“When I met Isabelle, I was in an uncertain period, in a transition phase both personally and professionally. With Isabelle, the climate of trust has been easily and naturally established.

Consequently, I was able to share my questionings, my doubts, my certainties in a climate of deep listening and intense presence, both benevolent and constructive, which corresponded to what I needed at that time.  Now, I have highly progressed through this change phase. The sessions held with Isabelle led me gently to think, to progress and to position myself in a future where a personal and professional balance looks very much reachable !”

S.P. HR Manager in an NGO


“Thanks to your advice to identify and strengthen  my values, I was able to find more fulfillment in my professional life… From now on much better equipped with this new energy and more confident to be able to let go of my previous trapeze before catching the next one, I can move forward in my career in a much more balanced way.

The key words I have retained from our sessions are: personal values, respect of myself and my colleagues, free choice, and most of all “stop to self-censure!” True or real confidence is in oneself.”

Y.C. application support analyst

Individual Coaching

“The coaching sessions with Isabelle allowed me to have a neutral, not passionate, almost “clinical” look on my way of managing human resources within my real estate company. Neither indulgent nor judging, Isabelle listened, questioned, opened perspectives… which led me to rather deep questionings and forced me to get out of my routines, my certainties, my comfort zone. This past year working with Isabelle’s support was rather invigorating.”

J.C. Director of a real estate company

Individual Coaching