Isabelle de Rivoire – Founder of IDR Talents

Isabelle de Rivoire - IDR Talents

My profile

I started my career in France in the training sector (industrial branch). Then I held several HR positions in multinationals and banks in Geneva (Switzerland). My last position was as Head of Human Resources in the Private Banking environment.

In parallel, I also accompanied managers and professionals in career transition for an outplacement company.

For the last twenty years, I have regularly written articles on job search intended for young academics about to enter the marketplace. Impassioned about activating personal potential and making talents emerge, I trained in 2010 and 2011 both in individual and group coaching at the IDC Institute in Geneva before creating my own coaching company in 2012, first in France, then in Switzerland, under the  name of “IDR Talents Sàrl”.

My philosophy

  • Each of us is responsible for his own personal and professional success.
  • Each of us possesses talents which only wait to be discovered, but it is necessary for the person to want and decide it.
  • Each of us has in himself all the necessary resources to get to that point.
  • Each of us can ask for help to discover their potential and update it through coaching sessions.

My commitment and my values

The values which inspire me most in my style of coaching are: respect, authenticity, confidentiality, non-judgment, confidence, depth.

My approach includes several steps

  • Diagnosis (to estimate the situation and evaluate the objectives to be attained)
  • Customised support of the coachee (with one-on-one sessions)
  • Personalised intersession work to implement the recommended actions
  • Follow up of actions taken and results achieved (in every session)
  • Assessment of the support given with implementation of a follow up process after ending initial coaching

Refocus in my working sessions through

  • Active listening and open questioning to take into account present frustrations, clarify aspirations, project/design the desired future, define objectives to be reached
  • Identification of dysfunctions / repetitive plans / thought parasites / resistances / limiting beliefs which pollute the relation to others and limit one’s self-fulfillment
  • Stimulation of dormant capabilities and recognition of the talents needed to reach the  professional development which has been desired
  • Support in the search of one’s own potential, resources and values, the appreciation of one’s inner strength

We build too many walls and not enough bridges. – Isaac Newton
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