Outplacement and career transition

Does the recently appointed director intend to reorientate the activities of the company? Do you plan to restructure a department ? Is your company about to merge or to absorb another one? Will you have to go through a social plan in the near future or proceed to several redundancies?

Economic pressures although sometimes inevitable, do not mean we should ignore the human factor.

It is your responsibility as a company to plan a tailor-made outplacement support for the employees who will be affected, impacted or even laid off by this reorganization or by that new vision. A redundancy is always very painful to live through. It is therefore very important that every person who goes through this turmoil should benefit from a psychological and tangible support to transform what is perceived as a failure, a disappointment or something even worse into a minor setback. In a second phase, this person will be able to bounce back and find a new job which may well turn out to be more interesting, more full of opportunity and more stimulating – or on the contrary less risky, difficult or stressful.

Ahead of the outplacement programme, we offer the employee concerned a tool to measure his employability (Employability Change-Check ©) in order to:

  • formulate a diagnosis on his strengths, weaknesses and zones of tension
  • assess his physical and psychological energy and thus the level of his resources
  • build together a tailor-made programme of support targeted to his real needs
  • help him to quickly become the actor of his career again
  • save him time on his search for a new challenge
  • get him to dare to be himself!

Our advice to anyone facing redundancy

You are about to leave your company because of a redundancy decision. You realise that you were not offered any outplacement support. Maybe it is still time to go and negotiate in defence of your best interests?

To what arguments could your future ex-employer be receptive ? Human factor, corporate image concern, risk of demotivating the remaining staff, respect for your past contribution, desire to help you to transform a destabilising moment into a real opportunity and to boost your career…Stand up and assert yourself. Go and negotiate. The outcome might surprise you. Positively.

Take one step at a time… the way gets smoother all the time.

Several steps in the suggested support

  • Crossing the desert and reviewing the connected feelings (denial, anger, sadness, mourning)
  • Acceptance and a renewed desire for a new challenge
  • Assessment of competencies and review of skills
  • Outline of a new professional project
  • Creation of the tools of employment search (CV, motivation letter, network, interview…)
  • Relational strategy and the use of networking
  • Strengthening of internal resources (self-reinforcement)
  • Step-by-step progress and the realignment necessary according to results


Average duration from 3 to 9 months according to the outplacement support selected by your company.

On the day an ex-employee starts a new job, we accompany him to ensure his proper integration during the first three months. We give him tools that help him feel at ease immediately. We alert him on what he must do and what he must not do. We develop his vigilance to aim for and reach a successful outcome.

If he starts a temporary mission, we put him in the best possible position to transform his contract into a permanent one and we continue supporting him until his objective is reached.