Adviser to the HR function

IDR Talents acts as an Adviser to the HR function, working with you on these themes:

  • Transform the HR function into a strategic partner of change and provider of significant added value
  • Establish a balance sheet of psychosocial risks in the organisation (absenteeism, prevention of burnout) and present recommendations accordingly
  • Advise in the restructuring and reorganisation processes, always respecting the human element as one of the most critical of all organisational imperatives
  • Help define a policy of development and training focused on the discovery, development and constant updating of potential talent and performance
  • Establish ensured standards of quality in key HR processes: recruitment, integration, career management, development of talent, interview appraisals etc.

Should you have a sudden short-term need in the HR function (3 to 6 months), we will be happy to jump in and ensure transition management.

Is it your objective to emerge as the management of a new, revitalised and creative HR function? We are here to help you achieve it.

Have impact.