Employability : what does this fashionable expression mean?

The concept first appeared in the 90s as a key word in the expression of companies’ competitiveness and professional engagement. It now defines the capability of an individual to move easily within the labour market and to personally create the conditions of his own success in an open environment.

It is a winning approach for the individual who has the ability to cast himself as a leading actor in his own career.

The important thing now is not your initial education, nor the role you’re in today, nor the status you’ve acquired so far, but the way you behave at every step of your career and the way it is regarded by your environment. When an individual succeeds in conciliating his own vision with the market’s vision, he has a much increased opportunity to direct his career efficiently.

A winning approach for those companies who see a new way to redefine their partnership with their personnel.

Today many companies deploy this new approach with great success – it provides them with an instant and invaluable barometer of the “employability” attitude of their employees.

The predefined linear and ascending career path is disappearing in favour of a responsibility, rightly shared between employer and employee, for the emergence of a reciprocal engagement freely given and always renewed.

A diagnostic tool: In which of these four sections do you position yourself today? In which section do you think your employee stands today?

I’m about to leave my company because I have many opportunities I’m fully engaged in and enjoy my present job
I have no idea what I want to do in my career and I’m not satisfied with my present job I can’t and won’t change job

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We offer a tool – Career Change-Check© – which allows you to put together the perspectives of employability and engagement in an objective and personalised way, and in a highly confidential environment.  Individuals are then capable of investing all available energies in deciding what is really essential for them. This support focuses above all on the available resources of the individual and his empowerment.

Dare to emerge, to grow, to prove yourself. To you and to others.

A winning approach for the individual aiming for employment that will revitalise his inner strengths and help him dare to create a new career model.

The key to a good job search is not the correct presentation of application documents, nor the quality of basic training, nor the level of the posts occupied up to now. The key is to understand how the posts, positions and functions are created in companies, how the needs are emerging and how to anticipate them. Only a fraction of all posts appears on the open labour market. Why not take the chance to find them where they really are? That is to say: early and upstream.

Our tool, Employability Change-Check ©, helps you position yourself in the right place to open doors.

Our employability test opens up your employability perspective.

It connects you to those resources on which you know you can rely. It updates the conscious or hidden controls which enable you to look good in any light. It identifies your needs and allows you to find solutions to satisfy them, so that job search will no longer be a series of painful and tedious fights. The Employability Change-Check © helps you to discover your talents. It reconnects you to your values and allows you to invest your energy into what is really essential to you: to custom-tailor your job search and lead you to the post in which you will feel happy and effective. The lessons our test teaches you will remain with you thereafter. Whether you choose salary or independence, you will have learned to retain your autonomy and to manage your career rather than be managed.

Change Check©

More than 40,000 questionnaires filled and analysed to date provide key information on employability factors. This tool, scientifically validated by the University of Lausanne, was jointly developed over 12 years by two partner agencies:

Qualintra, genèvein Geneva PromoveTM in Zurich


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