What does coaching mean?

It is the accompaniment of a person who desires to change, goes through a phase of questioning (the present, consequences of past actions, limiting beliefs, parasitical habits etc.) and wants to learn to act differently.

What is the methodology applied ?

The coach accompanies the coachee, helps him to define his objectives and then supports him through the various steps necessary to reach his target.

How long does this take?

We recommend ten sessions (between 90 and 120 minutes each) over approximately six months. The intervals between sessions allow for the desired changes in you to take place.

Are there different kinds of coaching?

According to the needs of coachee, the following possibilities are available:

Career coaching – helps you to :

  • prepare or anticipate an internal mobility (geographical or functional)
  • assess your present situation and review your commitment(s)
  • progress in the decision-making process

We can also offer you a new and particularly effective tool called Career Change-Check © (see the Employability section).

Development coaching – helps you to:

  • get prepared for a new role
  • anticipate the issues linked to a new appointment
  • resolve a professional problem (limitation, obstacle…)
  • activate (or enhance) your potential and increase your performance
  • develop your assertiveness while respecting others and yourself


Leadership coaching – helps you to:

  • identify and assume your own style of management
  • develop your influence with integrity up and down the hierarchy
  • find out how to mobilise your team and to make it more successful
  • welcome change and manage it over time
  • implement the changes requested by a 360 degree feedback
  • anticipate the risks of suffering at work and implement solutions to remedy them

Reveal your difference and your best colours

If you are in one of the following situations, an individual coaching programme could be beneficial for you:

  • you have a relationship problem (with a boss, a colleague, a subordinate, a peer) and you wish to improve the office climate
  • you go through a period of suffering at work (read our section on Burnout) and decide not to accept this situation any more
  • you feel less and less motivated by your job, your business, your career, your company and want to become again an actor of your own career
  • you wish to progress, to widen the field of your responsibilities and to optimise the success of your projects.

By the way, what is your situation exactly? Come to discuss it…