IDR Talents

The Impulsion to Display talents and Reveal success

What does IDR Talents stand for ?

A group of professionals like you, all of whom recognise and sympathise with your impulsion to deploy your talents in ways that result in success both for you and for the people you manage. And our skills may well be of assistance to you in ways that you may not yet have had time to consider.

You are a driven professional. You need to:

  • Maximise your potential in your present environment
  • Progressively manage your talents and resources onward to fresh opportunities
  • Achieve increased management recognition and success without losing sight of your personal values

You are a manager or a director of Human Resources. You are committed to:

  • Engaging personnel who display levels of ability, ambition and engagement that will fully satisfy you
  • Implement a more effective and ethical management style in your company
  • Invest your own authority and understanding in watching over the wellbeing of employees

What services and expertise can IDR Talents offer you?

  • Individual coaching: whether it concerns you directly or others in your organisation, to accompany you onward to find optimal solutions and ways to progress
  • Outplacement: defines with you your next professional goal or project and works with you to achieve its accomplishment
  • Employability: diagnosis to highlight your limits and your areas of tension, but most of all to enhance your depth of resources and successful projects, to fulfil your objective
  • Burnout: prevention and/or facilitation of a confident return to work after experiencing a severe phase of suffering there
  • Expert, impartial advice: on how best to increase HR impact on both economic success and employee satisfaction

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. – Confucius
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